Personal and Private Make-up Lessons in London


A 'one to one' private makeup lesson is a great way of learning about how make-up relates to oneself.  After twenty years of working in the fashion industry and helping people to feel confident in their own skin whether they wear make-up or not is important to me.  Our skin and features change throughout the years and so our approach to skincare; textures; colours and application would benefit altering too.  My holistic approach encompasses all these vital elements.

Most of us see what we want to when we look in the mirror and the reasons why we wear make-up the way we do can often be a lot deeper than its surface appearance.  We are all individuals and there is no ‘one size fits all’.  I aim to asses, suggest and teach skills that will allow you to optimise your beauty to develop the best approach for you. 

Grooming.  Grooming is often over looked but it is the building block for great make-up.  Investing in it helps your makeup to radiate.  Cleansing and nourishing the skin correctly, eyebrow maintenance and eyelash tinting are some of the aspects I will look at. Grooming will optimise your natural beauty, very useful for the days you may not want to wear make-up at all!

Make-up.  I believe the make-up we choose NOT to wear is as important as what we do wear and I will challenge your approach to ‘making up’.  Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to hide what we may think of as ‘flaws' but covering up can attract unwanted attention.  Highlighting or emphasising our stronger features works better.

The Makeup Lesson..."Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand" (Chinese proverb).  At my London location I will apply and demonstrate each stepon one side of your face and then lead you through you completing the other side. This allows you to become accustomed to correct movement and motions for the skin, discovering what is most comfortable.  I take high quality photographs recording the looks and all recommendations and products used will be noted on your personalised face chart for your future reference.  Each section of the lesson will be tailored to you including time management and lifestyle.  Bring along your makeup bag, I’ll use and advise on what you already own.  Also this is your time to ask the questions you always wanted to.

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The skin.  Like most things in life a solid foundation is vital.  Working from the base (skin) up is fundamental in my approach to make-up.  A well cared for skin enables makeup to look it's best.  In the lesson we will cover the following: 

* Morning and evening skin care routine.

* Treatments i.e. facials; waxing; electrolysis, weekly monthly or none; eyelash tinting.

* Eyebrow shaping/grooming.

* Addressing issues as scarring; ageing and facial hair.

* Time management and life style.

Base/Foundation.  The correct colour and consistency for your complexion and skin type respectively are really important and is an area we misjudge the most.  I will look in to  the following: 

* Testing colours correctly.

* Tinted moisturisers; liquid or cream foundations; powders and concealers.

* High lighting or contouring - if needed at all - using foundation.

* Challenges - such as acne, birthmarks and ageing.

Blusher.  What affect does using a cream or powder blusher have on the skin?  Watch and learn about the following: 

* Cream; liquid or powder blushers and which are best for your skin type and needs.

* Where to apply correctly for your face shape.

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Eyes.  What really suits your eye shape?  Most of us dream of achieving that dark sultry 'classic' smokey eye, but in all honesty it doesn't suit everyone.  That does not mean you cannot still achieve an equally deep sensual blended look with colours that suit you.  For your eyes I will help you to:

* Identify your eye shape..

* Choose colours and textures; shading and highlighting to suit you.

* The best technique to apply different products.


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Lips.  Whether you have full or fine lips you will learn how to make the most out of your shape by looking at the following:

* Types of lipsticks i.e. translucent or matt and which would apply for the look you are trying to achieve.

* Your lip shape and how to alter.

* Suitable colours for you.

* How and when (or not) to use lip pencils.

“ My ultimate goal for your lesson is to give you the confidence and ability to apply and wear make-up that will maximise your beauty”.

If you have any queries regarding the lessons please don't hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.   Julie xx

Fees.  The Makeup lesson is up to 3.5 - 4 hours and £400.00** with a lite lunch. (Includes photographs taken through your lesson with comprehensive and personalised notes completed and emailed 5 days after your lesson and recommended products/treatments/rituals for future reference)

Your Makeup Lesson can either be in the peace and quiet of my London location or in  your own home (a surcharge of 25% plus full travel expenses will be added for lessons outside central London).     

Contact.  For enquires or bookings please contact me:

Please do take your time to look through my fashion website to give yourself an idea of my work and my client list.

** A deposit of £100** secures your appointment and is non-refundable with less than 5 full work days notice.  Due to popularity deposits are required 10 working days in advance which confirms and secures your lesson.


Anna C. London. I decided to have an individual make-up lesson with Julie after having some disappointing (and much too heavy) experiences. I’m so glad I did. Julie is a fountain of “pro” beauty advice but I was impressed most by her keen eye for colour. She suggested makeup shades that I would have never picked out myself - and which worked incredibly well. I left the lesson excited about the power of makeup again and cannot wait to recreate the sleek daytime and stunning evening looks we created together! It has been a true pleasure to get to know Julie. Her warmth, sense of humour and hospitality made our lesson relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you so much, Anna. 

Anna B.  35yrs London.   I thoroughly enjoyed my make-up lesson with Julie; she’s knowledgeable (not only in her skills and techniques but of products available on the market), friendly and passionate about creating looks which makes you feel fab and you can actually replicate yourself! She answered all my questions (there were a lot!), ensured I felt confident with the looks we worked on and I came away feeling excited about make-up again! 

Annabel E. 70yrs Wiltshire. Thank you so much for your very comprehensive notes for me - they are really helpful and the photos will be a great help.
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole makeup experience and I thank you for making it such fun and also so enlightening as to my "colours" etc.

Milly. 47yrs London.  (May 2018) In the four hour lesson I made up one side of my face following Julie demonstrating on the other, I found the whole lesson really helpful and worth while, especially that I got to learn on the job!!  She photographed throughout and sent those in follow up notes with a comprehensive list of products and reminders of how we applied them ( I've referred to this a lot ).  She introduced me to cosmetics that actually stay on my face! - and created an easy to follow look that I can replicate for day to a more glamorous evening look.  It's made me excited about doing my make up again, and now when I buy products, I know what I'm looking for.  I can't recommend this experience with Julie Jacobs enough!…….(September 2018) Julie, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for our terrific make up session a while ago. I think about you just about every day when I do my make up! The By Terry eyes have been a real revelation - and I recently started using one of their click stick blushes. I've finally found a warm red lip  that works well too - so just so you know - your tips are still working on me every day.

Jakki M.  62yrs London.  Julie is very professional. She asked many questions about my lifestyle, history and health before recommending skincare products and regime. I thoroughly enjoyed my make-up lesson. Julie is very friendly and an excellent teacher taking you through the various stages and techniques carefully and clearly. She provides a written summary of everything you have learned and any new products after the session, as well as colour photographs.   This was a great investment. I now feel much more confident about the best skincare regime for my skin and age, and have learned how to best present my face. I like the fact that Julie uses your existing products where suitable. Julie is also very responsive after the lesson.

Carol W. 50yrs London.  When I sat down with Julie she immediately made me feel comfortable.  Her experience made me feel confident that she knew what she was doing.  I have extremely uneven skin tone, but Julie was able to pick out the correct colours that suited my colour and skin texture.  I’ve used Julie twice; once when I was getting married and on another occasion when I wanted to get some professional photographs taken, I have full confidence in recommending her to others.

Mel S. 41yrs London. Julie taught me how to do my makeup for my brother's wedding. All of my family commented on how lovely my make up looked, which gave me a real boost of self confidence on an occasion where I had to talk to loads of people. I looked and felt great - thanks Julie for teaching me a life long skill.

Yvonne H. 51yrs London.  I loved my time with Julie, I found she knew lots about the different products, informing me of what was good for my tones. Her approach was very warm and friendly.

Jenny C. 33yrs London.  Julie has done my makeup a few times now.  Every time she makes me feel confident and not ashamed of my bad skin!  She comes up with new skincare regimes, new makeup ideas to suit me, my skin and also what is achievable for me to actually do myself. The products she recommends are also within my price range, which is important.  Julie is a calming, genuine character to be around and I instantly relax around he

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